navy simulator oculus rift htc vive nvidia quadro graphics beyond visual range In a blog post provided by Nvidia , the simulator is based on Mass Virtuals Virtual Attain platform and Nvidias Quadro graphics processor. The combo can jet a highly detailed virtual cockpit from a F-18 fighter straight to interview skills worksheet the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift headset. This simulator provides the experience of flying over the ocean and using the cockpit radar, the displays, and sounds to determine if an enemy fighter is within range. The pilot then no data selects the appropriate missile, locks on the target, and fires away. More: Nvidias updated Game Ready Drivers target Battlefield 1, Civilization VI The platformon display at the conference will consist of one server packing the Quadro P6000 graphics chip that will generate four simultaneous VR demos to the HTC Vive and no data the Oculus Rift headsets. The Quadro P6000 is Nvidias latest pop over here professional desktop workstation solution based on its most-recent Pascal architecture, the same platform that powers the latest GeForce GTX 10 Series cards in the consumer market. Here are the Quadro P6000 specs compared to the GeForce GTX Titan X and the GTX 1080 just for kicks: Quadro P6000 $1,200 $600 As shown above, all three cards provide monstrous graphical performance for a high price tag, but the investment is indeed worth the cost. Theyre based on the latest technologies to seemingly drive any application, whether its super-high-definition PC gaming, professional software for creating highly complex designs, or immersive virtual reality experiences to effectively train soldiers while keeping them safe. According to Nvidia, the single-server aspect of the U.S. Navys Beyond Visual Range VR simulator is important because the government can set up several VR training stations in small, remote spaces on a ship for soldiers to use while deployed at sea.

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